There’s always a lot of talk in the media around climate change and global warming, and it’s a topic that’s particularly relevant to our crew of Sydney maintenance electricians. In Australia, most of our electricity is generated from coal burning which produces more than 35% of our country’s greenhouse gas production.

The good news is that if you work from home post COVID-19, you are almost completely in control of your Carbon Footprint. With no commute, full control over the appliances you run and how you choose to heat your home, it is easier than ever to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint.

And don’t worry – we’re not going to tell you to shiver through winter in the cold and dark! As North Shore electricians with more than 30 year’s experience, we know a few easy things you can do to tackle climate change in your home and reduce your environmental impact. The best news? Most of these tips will save your wallet, too.

Heating and cooling

On chilly winter nights we know it can be tempting to turn your heating right up, but by using your thermostat and setting the temperature just two degrees cooler (barely noticeable, we promise!) you’ll save more than 400kgs of carbon production in a year. The same goes for your air-conditioning unit in summer, simply bump the thermostat up by two degrees. It also pays to pre-empt the weather: if you know it’s going to be a particularly warm day, it’s more efficient to turn your air-con on early and prevent your house from getting too hot. Interested in a new, more efficient home heating or cooling system? Our team of Sydney maintenance electricians can help you explore the options.


Did you know that household lighting is responsible for around 12% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Australia? Simply by swapping your lights for low-energy compact fluorescent or LED bulbs can make a big reduction in the amount of energy you use (and lower contribution to climate change in your home). And it’s not just the environment that wins: replacing the lighting in your home with low energy options can save you more than 60% on your household electricity bills. Use our LED saving calculator to find out just how much you could stand to gain by having our Sydney maintenance electricians help you switch over to LED lights.

Green Power

Use a GreenPower plan to combat climate change in your home. You can offset all or a portion of your energy. While most of our electricity comes from coal fired power stations, there are many NSW energy retailers who allow you to purchase renewable GreenPower energy. The cost will vary depending on the percentage of renewable energy you choose to buy, but to put it in perspective, the average household could switch to 100% GreenPower for just an extra $8 per week. Money well spent, we think!

Use an Eco Switch

Turning your appliances off at the wall when not in use is not a new concept, but we know it can be really inconvenient – especially with hard to reach power points behind televisions and cabinets. Eco Switch is a clever contraption that allows you to completely eliminate the ‘stand-by’ electricity usage on your appliances, saving up to 10% of your energy consumption and reducing carbon production by around 800 kg in a year.

Follow the stars

Household appliances account for 30% of all home energy use, so it’s important to make energy efficiency a priority when purchasing appliances. Energy Rating Labels can be found on all televisions, air conditioners, clothes dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, and most fridges and freezers. Want to find out how efficient your appliances are? You can use the Government’s Energy Rating website to find out, or have a chat with our knowledgeable team of Sydney maintenance electricians who can provide you with an energy efficiency assessment for your home.

Reducing your home’s carbon footprint doesn’t need to be painful. By simply making a few small changes you can drastically reduce your amount of energy consumption, reduce your electricity bill, and tackle climate change in your home at the same time. If you’d like to talk to our expert team of North Shore electricians about ways you can save electricity, give us a call – we’d love to chat.