Fuse box repair

Is your power tripping every time you plug in something new? Or is your power out altogether?

There is a likely chance that the problem is taking up residence in your fuse box, and you might need fuse box repairs.

What does my fuse box do, exactly?

Your fuse box is the wall-mounted cupboard located inside your house somewhere that houses your fuses.  The fuses inside the fuse box regulate the electrical flow to your home.Think of a fuse box like an old fashioned phone switchboard operator for your power. In the event of an electrical overload, the fuse that corresponds to the blown circuit will flip, cutting off all electricity to a particular segment or sometimes the entirety of a home. This is a safety measure to control your homes electricity.

Why does my power keep tripping?

A fuse box is essentially sending power around your house on different circuits. If you overload any one circuit, the fuse box will shut off that circuit for safety reasons. If only a section of your home is permanently outed and flipping the switch doesn’t work you may have blown a fuse that will need to be replaced.

Some fuse boxes are housed within a linen cupboard or cupboard under the stairs – where home owners like to store coats, vacuum cleaners, winter linen and items like golf clubs. Older style homes (with older fuse boxes) will likely have an open fuse box, that doesn’t have a hinged door to protect the fuses within. As you can imagine, these fuses can come loose or incur damage if appropriate care isn’t taken around them.

The first thing to check if your power isn’t 100% is the fuse box and that nothing is impeding its use. It’s probably best to have an electrician put a cover over your fuses and leave sporting equipment to the garage to ensure you have easy and regular access to this cupboard.  If you have an older style home with original wiring, you will likely need to get at your fuse box and conduct repairs and maintenance more regularly.

Can I handle the fuse box repairs myself?

Unless you have previously encountered fuse box issues, they can be difficult to diagnose, and attempting to maintain or work on your own fuse box can be extremely dangerous without experience. Everyone knows the dangers of electricity – it’s why you have to be qualified and licensed to work as an electrician.

Deciding how to deal with common power supply problems could be as simple as flicking a fuse switch, not running too many appliances at the same time or it could be a little more complicated, such as an upgrade to your wiring.

Telltale signs your electrical needs need a checkup:

  • Your power is tripping on a regular basis
  • You’re fuses are coming loose
  • Your appliances are tripping the power
  • Your lights are dimming
  • Your lights are flickering
  • Your appliances are functioning slower than normal

If your fuse box is on the fritz, call up our team of local fuse box repair specialists. At Electric Express, we’re dedicated to making sure that the lights stay on and your family stays safe.

Fuse box repair is best done by a licensed tradesperson, so don’t risk it by calling simply anyone. For quality work you can rely on, call Electric Express today on 0411 188 492.