Electric hot water repairs are often something we don’t see coming but when it does, we want it fixed straight away. Not much can be done around the home without hot water. But there is good news. You have a number of options other than replacing the whole unit so don’t spin out into stressful levels of panic just yet.



Your first option may simply be to just repair the electric hot water unit. After all, you shouldn’t spend more money or time on this than you have to. So first, check the troubleshooting section in your Owner’s Guide. If you don’t have a copy, you can find your manual online by searching Owner’s Guides. You can also give us a call and we can check out the unit.



If after checking the Owner’s Guide, you are unable to repair the unit, you’re next option is to replace the electric hot water unit with an identical replacement. Replacements are great because they are really easy to install (especially when simply replacing an existing unit), newer models of the same unit are usually more energy efficient and therefore cost you less, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, and can easily be upsized or downsized based on your needs.



The final option is to consider changing electric hot water systems entirely – from electric to gas, solar or heat pump. This is something that should only really be considered if the previous two cannot be done or outweigh the costs of making the switch.

If you want to find out more about these options then you can head to Rheem’s website – they have a bunch of great tools and resourceful information to help you choose an alternative hot water system that’s best for you.


Got any questions? Need to get your electric hot water unit checked? Give us a call!