Don’t you hate it when things go wrong around your home? Don’t you wish owning a house was easier and simpler? We know that maintaining your home can be a big job, and when things go wrong you want them fixed fast.

That’s why we created Tradie Express –

When things break down, people are often unsure if they have an electrical problem or plumbing problem, particularly in areas like hot water service.

In truth, these trades regularly interact and need to work together. We don’t believe it should fall on the homeowner to manage this process alone.

Now all it takes is one easy phone call. Our tradesmen concierge service will make sure the right people are brought on site at the right time, so the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And you can get back to enjoying your home and the fun things in life!

Hi, We’re Steve & Julie Hutchings.

We’ve run our family electrical business for over 25 years, whilst renovating and maintaining many properties ourselves and bringing up four kids.

We know first-hand how hard it is to find good, reputable tradesmen you can trust.

With the encouragement of our customers, we have recently established Tradie Express to provide many of the services required on a regular basis to maintain and improve a home.

Using our experience as renovators and tradesmen, we’ve handpicked a group of service providers who are friendly, reliable and have an attention to detail so collectively we can maintain the best possible standard of work and service.