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Your Needs + Local Electrician = Electric Express Solutions

Let’s face it—home ownership is a blessing that comes with a lot of unexpected surprises, and not all of them are welcome.

Wiring goes faulty, hot water systems conk out, and a million other problems both small and large can pop up out of nowhere—time to call your local electrician, Electric Express.

At Electric Express we understand what you’re going through. As a family owned and operated business, our electricians are our family, and we know what it’s like to maintain and build upon something that is your own.

For the past three decades we’ve been the go to local, 24 hour emergency electrician, working to help homeowners throughout the Sydney’s North Shore region and beyond. We address your electrical concerns and emergencies so you can go about your lives knowing that the lights will stay on, the water will be hot when it’s supposed to, and that your families will rest in comfort and safety.

In short – We’re residential electricians who know our craft.


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