Electrician Ashfield

Ashfield – we know this suburb inside out! We’ve been providing electrical services in the inner-west for more than 30 years, and we know that our Ashfield customers love their family friendly, down to earth community and appreciate living in such close proximity to the CBD. We also know that most of our customers in this area head to work in the city each morning, and when they return at the end of the day all they want to do is enjoy a quiet night with their families. What they don’t want is to have their evening ruined by a power cut, blown fuse or overloaded circuit. Luckily, our local Ashfield electricians are only a phone call away.


Always choose a local Ashfield electrician:

Why is it so important to have a local Ashfield electrician on speed dial? When you have an electrical emergency, time is definitely of the essence. Whether it means ensuring that you and your family don’t have to worry about shock or electrocution, or it simply means getting the lights turned back on and the hot water running again, you don’t want to hire an emergency electrician who doesn’t know their way around your neighborhood. There are also a wide variety of local and regional regulations that could impact your electrical service, and your need to trust that your Ashfield electrician knows the local laws and can be trusted to perform work that is always up to code.

At Electric Express, we know the inner-west like only a local can, and our work is always 100% guaranteed to be up to code. We also have an emergency service which is available 24hrs a day, seven days a week Contact us day or night for expert service in a hurry.

Where there’s smoke…

How many smoke alarms are installed in your home? Are they all functioning? Don’t risk the safety of your home and family by waiting til the dreaded moment of truth to find out.  Our team of friendly sparkies can put your mind at ease by  installing top-of-the-line smoke alarms in your home. Even if it isn’t a matter of safety, it could be a question of legal compliance. Call Electric Express today and we’ll have an Ashfield electrician inspect your home, check your existing smoke alarm system, and advise you with our expert recommendations to make sure that you and  your family can sleep in safety.

Safety inspections:

Has your electricity bill suddenly got a lot higher? Have you noticed your lights flickering more than usual? Are you thinking of selling your home? These are just a few examples of when you might need to get an electrical safety inspection.  


Every year, hundreds of people are injured or killed due to electrical fires or shock, but the sad truth is that nearly all of these catastrophes could have been avoided with a regular home electrical safety inspection. Having our Ashfield electrical experts give your home a safety inspection is a vital step towards keeping your family, home and valuables out of harm’s way.

Keeping our friends and neighbours in Ashfield safe is a top priority at Electric Express. With our professional analysis of your current home electrical, we can provide you with all the information needed to guide your future decisions regarding your home’s power. Schedule a home electrical safety inspection with your local Ashfield electrician today.