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Electrician Upper North Shore

Are you living in the Upper North Shore and require the services of an Electrician?

Not every house is the same, though electrical issues happen and often the symptoms present the same.

Our team at Electric Express can help with your home or property on the Upper North Shore.

We’re big advocates for saving you money, whether that’s offering advice on your energy consumption (see our blog) or saving you the expense of an Electrician coming out to your home.

Before jumping on the phone – check you have a genuine need with the below checklist, it might save you unnecessary expense.

Issue – your power’s out? Sounds like a straightforward case, right? Well, not always, but if you can check your energy provider’s website via a phone, tablet or even take a walk outside to see if you are the only one without power, it could save you time, frustration and money.

A. If your neighbours have power,  next step is check your switchboard. If you notice one of your switchboard levers down, try and position back to the up position. If the power trips again (see below & this blog post), or give us a call. We’ll need to ask a few more questions.

Issue – Your power supply is tripping repeatedly –

A. Read our blog post for more info.

Issue – You can smell a burning odour –

A. Be sure it’s coming from an electrical source, though otherwise this one should be acted on quickly. 0411 188 492. 

Issue – Your lights are flickering –

A. This could have a few different causes, though if you’ve replaced the bulb/s and it’s still occuring–best to give us a call.

Issue – Your power bill is unusually high –

A. If you’re seeing an increase of over 15% in one quarter or billing period–give us a call. Otherwise,  read our blog post about saving energy.

Issue – You’ve lost hot water – 

A. You might want to check that someone hasn’t isolated your hot water supply. (Turned off)

Thereafter, check if you own an electric water heater (as we don’t service gas). If you have an electric, get in touch with us on 0411 18 492.

Issue – Shock or electrocution –

A. Isolate the area and call with urgency. If the person is injured or not breathing call 000 immediately.

If you’re experiencing an issue or symptom outside of the above, you may need to give our team a call to discuss.


Who is Electric Express Solutions?

We are a family run business, from Steve the master electrician to Konrad the apprentice. Let our family take care of yours.

and operated team at Electric Express Solutions. We’ve been working in Mosman for years and when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing the electrical issues of homeowners in Mosman, we’ll get the job done right, the first time.

We understand that owning a home and maintaining your property can be not only time consuming, but expensive. We’ll try and minimise excessive costs and deliver a quality service and product.

It’s no secret that regular maintenance of your home electrical system will pay in the long run, but also appreciate with our busy lifestyles and other distractions it’s not always possible.

How quick can you book me in?

A common question – for a quick turnaround or an electrician upper north shore based you’ll find generally a lot quicker than someone coming from across town. So, give us a call and we can give you a quick accurate guide to response time on your day of need.


Electrician Upper North Shore

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