One of the most common questions a person asks when they’re talking with their local electrician involves how they can reduce their energy bills. More and more people are becoming interested in this, not only because they want to spend less on electricity, but because they want to lower their impact on the environment. While there are a number of day-to-day lifestyle choices that you can make that will greatly affect how much energy you use, there are also a number of things that an electrician can do that will make a huge impact.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance Checks

Over time, the wiring in every house begins to deteriorate. Not only can this affect the amount of power your appliances use, it can also create dangerous situations that can lead to electrocution or fire. By having your local electrician perform regular electrical inspections, you can not only lower your energy bills, you can also make sure that your family and home are safe.

Energy Efficient Lighting

In recent years, Australia has been phasing out traditional and more power-hungry lighting sources such as incandescent light bulbs. New homes and buildings are being built with more efficient lighting options, and more people are updating their homes to include new technologies.

Hire an electrician to install more efficient lighting (CFLs and LEDs being the most efficient), and you’ll see your energy bills plummet.

Replace Old Appliances

Old appliances are a huge drain on the power grid, but while it is easy enough for people to purchase new, energy efficient ones, many people avoid upgrading due to the difficulty of installation.

Hiring an electrician not only takes the pressure off you having to know what wire goes where; they can also make sure that your appliance is wired for maximum energy efficiency.



Programmable Thermostat

After having an electrician install a programmable thermostat in your house, you can set a program that will maintain a steady temperature when you’re at home and will raise and lower it accordingly when you leave, go to bed, or wake up. This is one of the easiest methods of reducing your electricity usage.

Check the Meter

Do you ever look at your electric bill and think that it seems too high for how much you think you use? It might be. If there is a problem with your electricity usage meter, it may be counting too fast. While you can set up an appointment to have the electric company send someone out to check your meter, it is oftentimes easier and faster to have your local electrician come and take a look.

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