This is just a short post to give you a quick run down on how you can determine faulty electrical appliances that are causing your safety switch to trip.

Maintain and replace regularly

You might have noticed that electrical appliances wear out pretty quickly. This is a bit of a combination between repeated use (we rely heavily on home appliances these days) and the technology used to produce them (nothing is made to last). Because of this, it is our responsibility to either carry out maintenance checks or replace appliances at regular intervals.

If appliances are not maintained they will be one of the biggest causes of your safety switch tripping. You will find kettles, toasters, range-hoods, clothes irons, fridges and freezers to be the most likely suspects of safety switch tripping.

How to find the faulty electrical appliance


Once the safety switch has tripped, try to reset you safety switch. If it trips again in a short period of time then unplug all your electrical items from their power points.


Reset your safety switch and if it holds, go back and plug in your appliances one at a time until you have found the faulty appliance. You will know this once the faulty appliance is plugged into the power point as it will trip your safety switch again.


When you have found the faulty electrical appliance, remove it and dispose of appropriately – do not just throw it in the trash and especially, do not donate it to charity/second hand stores.

What else could be causing the trip?

It is one of the most common home electrical problems but if it’s not faulty electrical appliances then there are a number of other reasons why it might be happening. You could have some faulty electrical wiring that needs replacement. If you have had heavy rain or storms recently, then this might also be the cause.