Electrician Wahroonga

Prevent problems BEFORE they happen! While it can seem like this is easier said than done, the Wahroonga Electrician team at Electric Express is dedicated to helping the residents of Wahroonga stay one step ahead of pesky electrical problems.

Electrical upkeep on your home is easy with our expert electrician Wahroonga team.

Houses get old, wiring becomes faulty, and issues with your electrical system happen now and again – it is just a simple unpleasant fact of homeownership. However, with a bit of maintenance, you can sleep easy knowing you have proactively prevented minor problems from evolving into major catastrophes.

Oftentimes the process of researching, investigating, and scheduling an appointment with an electrician seems more arduous than simply trying to ignore your small electrical hiccup. But things just got a whole lot easier for you since Electric Express is here to service your Wahroonga home. Put all excuses and hesitation aside and give our family run and operated team of electricians a ring so we can get your home in safe working order.

As our neighbour, we want you to know our Wahroonga electrician team is available to you in any situation.

Have you been avoiding these small yet potentially dangerous problems?

• Flickering lights
• Tripping appliances
• Hot water inconsistency
• Non-functioning power points
• Or any other seemingly insignificant issues?

So if you are getting fed up dealing with inconveniences such as these, it’s time to call your electrician Wahroonga bound at Electric Express.

Have a small improvement project on your home that needs the most reliable electrician Wahroonga has to offer?

Maybe you just want to install something visual or update an old appliance.

Not all calls to an electrician are an emergency. Sometime you simply need an expert to check up on, inspect, or install an appliance or a new feature to your home. Or maybe you want a professional to look at your electrical system and makes sure everything is functioning properly. Whatever electrical project you have in mind, Electric Express Solutions is here to lend a helping hand.

• Appliance installation
• Garden and outdoor lighting
• Light fixture or ceiling fan installation
• Security system installation

At Electrical Express we know that the upkeep of your home is not just about dealing with emergencies as they arise. As a family run business we know that prevention and maintenance are equally as important to your household.



A Wahroonga electrician is vital when it comes to selling your home.

With continual upkeep, the team at Electrical Express can assist your home resist the tide of depreciation. Because let’s face it – your home deteriorates as it ages, and your electrical system is not immune from the effects of the passing of time.

If you are looking sell your home in the near future, or you just want to make sure everything is working properly, call Electric Express today to discuss what we can do for you.

Here at Electric Express we offer a comprehensive range of electrical services to keep your home electrical system in top running condition, allowing your home to actually increase in value with as it ages.