Electrician Leichhardt

Electrician Leichhardt way.  When it comes to rich Italian heritage, Leichhardt really takes the cake. With it’s colourful gelatarias, gourmet grocers, family run restaurants and great cafes on every corner, this vibrant suburb has so much to offer.  We’ve been helping residents in Leichhardt with their electrical needs for more than three decades, and we know that residents love this suburb not only for it’s Italian flavour but also the pretty walking trails, glittering harbour views, and great schools.

It’s really no surprise that Leichhardt is home to a loyal group of locals, many of whom grew up here, and many of whom call on our team of local Inner West sparkies when they need electrical help.  If you’re living in this enviable pocket, and want to find an electrician who knows and loves the neighbourhood as much as you do, you’ve come to the right place.

Electrical services in Leichhardt:

We know how important it is to keep your family safe – we have one too! At Electric Express, when you call for help with your electrical issues in Leichhardt you will get visited by two generations of quality electricians. Forget the grumpy, unreliable sparkie stereotype – we’re happy to help, and love finding solutions to make life easier and safer for your family. As licensed electricians working in and around Sydney for more than 30 years, you can trust that Steve and his team have seen your problem before, and can give you the expert assistance you need.

Found yourself in the dark?

You’ve just come home from a leisurely evening stroll along Norton Street only to discover your power is out. If your neighbours are having the same issue, it’s most likely not an emergency situation. But if it’s just your house that’s been plunged into the dark ages, you should give our team of emergency electricians in Leichhardt a call.

We know that many of Leichhardt’s older terrace properties – gorgeous as they are – can fall victim to outdated wiring or fuses that blow without any warning. The scary thing is, a fault with your electrical wiring can be a lot more dangerous to your home and family than just a few hours of darkness.

 If you find yourself suddenly without power, no matter what the time of day or night, get in touch with our our team of Leichhardt electricians pronto. Our 24hr emergency response team are experts in all kinds of electrical issues and are on standby to give you fast, effective help when you need it.

Avoid maintenance meltdowns

Avoid dealing with a sudden electrical emergency and save yourself the drama of blown fuses and hot water failures by having your Leichhardt electrician perform an annual maintenance check-up on your home.  The amount of electricity used by the average family house today is much, much greater than it was fifty years ago – from all the new appliances we use every day, to multiple televisions and the fact that we tend to leave everything plugged in. Sure, all this electricity makes our lives convenient, but it can also put a real strain on the wiring of older homes. Having our experienced Leichhardt electricians give your home a regular check-up will help you avoid a suddenly dangerous situation, and will also save you money by finding and fixing problems before they snowball.

Whether you’ve found yourself facing an electrical emergency, or are after some general maintenance work, give Steve and the team at Electric Express a call today. We are local to the area and you can always count on us for reliable, top quality service.