Creative, and diverse – Marrickville is a very special place, bringing together a colourful medley of generations, cultures and lifestyles. At Electric Express, we’ve been been happily serving the role of electrician Marrickville way, keeping the lights on in this vibrant inner-west suburb for more than 30 years.

We have watched the area evolve into a melting pot of different cultures, where immigrants and long-time Aussies mingle, and families share the streets with young professionals and retirees. We know these neighborhoods like the back of our hands.  If you’re looking for a local to the Inner West that can respond quickly in an emergency, or are looking for a reliable electrician for general home maintenance, look no further than our friendly, family-run business.

Found yourself In the dark?

If you’re living in one of Marrickville’s older properties you might have already discovered that period homes – as charming as they are –  can be a ticking time bomb for electrical problems. Outdated wiring and fuses can blow at a moment’s notice leaving you and your family fumbling in the dark to find a torch!  If you find yourself suddenly without power, no matter what the time of day or night, give our team of Marrickville electricians a call.

Our 24hr emergency response team are experts in all kinds of electrical issues, including:

  • Sparking Wires
  • Blown fuses
  • Isolated power outage
  • Electrical burning scent
  • Safety switch that won’t stop tripping
  • Smoke detector that won’t stop sounding
  • No hot water
  • Or any of the other many issues that can pop up

Electric Express is the number one choice for fast, effective help in an electrical emergency. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble, and we’ll have a local sparky to your door in a flash.

Going green? Let us help!

We know many of our Marrickville customers choose to live here because they love the alternative lifestyle and artistic community. We also know that many of these same customers are continually looking for ways they can reduce their environmental impact. Installing LED lighting in your house or apartment is a way your can significantly reduce your carbon emissions (and your power bills). At Electric Express, we are experts in LED lighting –  check out our LED saving calculator to find out exactly how you can reduce your home’s energy consumption by having an electrician Marrickville bound replace those outdated, wasteful fixtures.

Everyday electrics

Finding an electrician you can rely on and building an ongoing relationship has many benefits – your sparky will know the history of your home and electrical problems, will be able to provide solutions which are customised to your needs, and you’ll always know who to call when you find yourself in an emergency! At Electric Express, we have more than three decades experience providing electrical services in Marrickville, helping customers with everything from security system installation, outdoor lighting, and appliance installation, to helping get the hot water back on!

If you’re looking for a local Marrickville electrician who will respond rapidly when you need them, who are local to the area, and whose work is always 100% guaranteed, give Steve and the team a call today.