There are times when you could freak out and just say “this is clearly an emergency!”. Normally they apply to life and death scenarios but sometimes they can be things that lead to life and death, which if prevented are for the best.

Enter the avoidance method! We don’t like seeing you when you are stressed and beat up about a situation that has become an emergency, so let’s avoid that call out in the middle of the night and prepare our home for these 5 pesky times you could have avoided us at the eleventh hour if you’d called us in the first place.


Here are 5 times that you wouldn’t have needed an emergency electrician:


Electrical Fires

Preventing an electrical fire is a no brainer on the priority list. What can you do to keep your family safe from electrical fires in advance of calling the emergency electrician? Avoiding an electrical fire is as simple as maintaining your electrical outlets and supply to ensure you have provided your family with maximum safety. As well as having a fire extinguisher and blanket on hand, keep a copy of important documents should you have to abandon your home in a hurry. An action plan for your family with meeting points and teaching your kids emergency help numbers are also advised.


Storm Damage Faults

Our Sydney weather is no homes best friend. The heat can bring the fire season and has us up cleaning out the gutters and the wet can have us feeling safe inside closed windows and doors. But the storms can bring lightning and flood water and that can be a disaster for your electrics. Most emergency electrician call outs happen during the Summer months! By utilising a surge protection device, you are putting a layer between your electrics and the power lines outside that are exposed to lightning and other storm related dangers. Most energy companies won’t accept claims against them where mother nature is at fault, so it’s a good idea to protect your family and asset by having an electrician come to the rescue in advance of the emergency. For best protection, have your electrician install a surge protector in the main switch board.


Alarm Disconnections

Leaving our homes all day on the long commute to work leaves us feeling safe in the hands of our alarms and security systems, but did you know that statistically most break and enters happen through the day? We don’t think much about the dangers of leaving our house, or what could be there waiting for us in the dark should the alarm be faulty. Preventing risk of danger around the home can include having good clear lighting, getting to know your neighbours and placing alarms in obvious places that deter crooks is the best bet.


Tripping Safety Switches

Safety switches are there for exactly that – safety. So how do you know that yours is working? Safety switches are there to protect you from electrical currents, like a surge protector works to save your appliances and wiring. They are an affordable way to provide security for your family from electrical danger. Preventing a call out for an emergency electrician is a bonus, when we are actually talking about your families safety!

Safety switches work by adding a buffer layer on top of circuit breakers. A safety switch operates separately so is able to detect peculiar electrical current that may be leaking through a faulty appliance, power point or light switch back into the circuits. They can detect the danger and shut off the power in an instant, protecting your family from real electrical danger. There is no real price for peace of mind, investing in safety switches is a smart and affordable investment in your families health.


Lighting plans

Without lights, we are far more prone to accidents and danger. The worst accidents happen to the elderly and young children in poorly lit areas. When considering the electrics in your home, most people think about reading light, mood lighting and directional light for art works. It might pay to consider where you are placing lights and switches for safety purposes. Dimly lit hall lighting and two way switches are normally inexpensive additions to the lighting plan, but minimise the risk of an accident in the night.

If you’ve ever had a small child overnight at your place, you’ll know that they can get up to go to the bathroom, because they had a bad dream, or just to find an adult. Providing a safe amount of lighting for children or elderly people in your care prevents accidents occurring as a result of low visibility.


As we said, the best case scenario is avoiding a bad situation, but should you need the help of an emergency electrician, at Electric Express we are only a phone call away. Should you be stressed about a malfunctioning electrical item in your home, we are there to help at the dial of your phone. Call us now to avoid danger and protect your home.