One of the worst things about emergencies is that you never see them coming and, in many cases, one moment could be the difference between danger and safety.

During a time of crisis, any time you can save could make a massive difference for your family’s safety and wellbeing – whether it’s a medical emergency, an urgent home maintenance issue or other disaster.


Creating a list of emergency contacts to have on speed dial

As any 24 hour emergency electrician worth their salt can tell you, in the face of an emergency the quicker you act the less danger you are in. Here is our round-up of emergency contacts you should have on speed dial to save time and prevent catastrophe in case of a crisis in your home. Print them out and stick them to the fridge so your kids can always access these. Take the time to have a chat about who to call in what kind of emergency.


Emergency Services

To start with the obvious, your local and state emergency services are key contact details to have on file. Police, ambulance and firefighters are non-negotiable inclusions, but other organisations could also come in handy, particularly during or after a natural disaster.

Crucial emergency contacts in New South Wales include:

  • 000 – police, fire and ambulance services
  • 1800 333 000 – Crime Stoppers
  • 132 500 – SES assistance in the case of floods and storms
  • 1800 679 737 – NSW Bushfire Information Line
  • 1800 018 444 – Disaster Welfare Assistance Line
  • 180 2266 – Australian Government disaster recovery assistance hotline

For more information, the Australian government has a full list of contact details for emergency and disaster assistance around the country.


A home visiting doctor

Another vital contact is an after-hours home visiting doctor who can come to your house in the case of an accident, illness or other crisis that requires urgent medical attention.

Ideally you might have a local GP who does bulk-billed after hours visits, but otherwise you may want to look into the National Home Doctor Service, a network of home visiting doctors offering after hours care. They can be reached on 13 7425.


Home Maintenance

Home maintenance may not be the first thing that springs to mind in the case of an emergency, but having a 24 hour electrician on your speed dial could be a huge help during certain home disasters. Do your homework in advance to make sure they’re fully licensed, local and experienced, so you don’t have to worry about checking their credentials during an emergency.



From blown hot fuses to wiring malfunctions to electrical fires, electrical emergencies come in all shapes, sizes and hazard levels. In the worst-case scenario they can be extremely dangerous, even fatal.

Time is of the essence when it comes to many electrical hazards, so having a licensed emergency electrician team on standby is a must. For reference, here at Electric Express we’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us on 0411 188 492.

The good news is there are simple ways to avoid electrical disasters. You may like to prepare your home and family for the worst by building an emergency kit for electrical storms, for example, and familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’ts of electrical emergencies.


Loved Ones

You probably have your loved one’s numbers saved on your phone, but it’s also worth noting down an emergency contact on paper, somewhere you can access easily: in your wallet, on medical jewellery, or a post-it note tacked on your driver’s license or phone cover. This is so that if you’re ever struck by an urgent medical emergency while you’re out of home, any bystanders lending a hand can easily reach your family without knowing your phone pin code or password.



You know your neighbours’ addresses – but do you know their phone numbers? Whether they’re close friends or almost strangers, it’s a good idea to have your next door neighbours’ contact details on hand to call for help in case of a crisis.



Anyone with pets knows how important they are to the family – and how often some of them can get into mischief! For the sake of your Fido or Felix, be sure to include your closest 24 hour vet on speed dial.

In the Sydney area, pets that are found on the streets are often brought to the nearest pound, meaning it’s also a good idea to have the name and number of your council area’s local pound on hand in case your pet ever runs away.



Depending on the terms of your homeowners and medical insurance, you may like to keep their emergency contact numbers on speed dial also.


Quick guides to emergency situations

For even greater peace of mind, you can also prepare short, easy instructions of what to do if you come across difficult and potentially dangerous situations. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


If you’ve got a crisis on your hands, or want to know more about the warning signs for an electrical emergency, get in touch with our team of experienced electricians. On call 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, we put the safety of your family and home first.