A lot of the jobs I get called out to do are not often planned or foreseen. Sometimes they are out of our control – and a power outage is one of the most frustrating ones. Most of the time, the power comes back on within a few minutes (or hours) and we’re not affected too much. Then there are times where it takes a bit longer to get the power up and running again.

So for those annoyingly unpredictable situations, I’ve outlined a short guide for you to go through if your home has experienced an electrical emergencies power outage.


Is it because of the safety-switch?

If your power has turned off, it’s worth double checking that your safety-switch hasn’t tripped. There are multiple reasons why this happens including faulty electrical appliances and faulty wiring. If it’s happening every send day or even weekly, contact your local electrician for advice.


Are you the only place with lights out?

I also get called out to a lot of smaller suburbs and towns, like Mona Vale, when outages occur across an entire community. This can happen when there has been a traffic accident involving power lines. It can also happen when there is/has been a big storm (either rain or lightning).

In this kind of electrical emergency, a local electrician isn’t able to do too much. You need to determine who your electricity distributor is.


How do I know who my electrical distributor is?

There is a fantastic tool that you can use set up by AGL. This electricity distributor tool let’s you enter your postcode and narrow by suburb to find out who your electrical distributor is. So, if you’re in Mona Vale, simply enter 2103 and select ‘Mona Vale’. You’ll then be given the relevant details of your distributor as well as a link to their homepage.


If in doubt, call your local electrician

If you have gone through this guide and you’re still sitting there with a power outage, confused as to why the power won’t come back on, you can always call your local electrician. If like us, they are available 24/7, you will be able to get answers to any questions you may have.


Was this post helpful? Are you getting power outages on a regular basis? Contact us today for immediate advice.