Australia is a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains… but when it rains it can bucket down. Trees may topple. Electricity lines can snap. Homes and businesses in our service area can be cut from the power grid and switchboards can die.

If your home happens to be one of those plunged into darkness, an emergency storm kit will shine a light on the situation.

What should you have in your Emergency Kit? If you follow our checklist below, you and your household will be less stressed and feel a whole lot safer whenever unexpected darkness descends and flipping the switchboard doesn’t work.

The Emergency Kit you’ll be assembling will be your grab bag when all is dark, wet and unpredictable. You’re going to store this collection of essentials in a robust carrier or two — preferably waterproof and easy enough to manage.

It’s advisable to place this kit in a safe place you can easily access.


List of Electrical Emergency Storm Kit Inclusions


You can buy wind-up torches which means you’ll have light, even without batteries. Battery-powered torches generally perform better. And the lantern variety gives you a hands-free light source that can illuminate a room. These are also great for the emergency electrician coming to perform a switchboard upgrade.

If you choose to use candles, take care to avoid the risk of fire. It’s advisable to keep fresh batteries in their packaging. If you leave them in the torch, over time they can lose their charge and even corrode.


Get yourself a First Aid Kit with a manual. You don’t want to be scrambling for a bandage in an emergency situation or accident.


Although not stored in your Electrical Emergency Kit, the importance of your mobile phone, and a spare battery is worth mentioning here. A battery-powered or wind-up radio is handy, so you’re not so reliant on your phone for weather updates or waiting for your switchboard replacement.

Tools and supplies

Plastic sheeting, duct tape or masking tape and a utility knife will come in handy if there’s the need to seal windows.

Important documents

Your Emergency Kit is arguably the best place to keep your original or certified copies of the documents listed below. Easy to find because they’ll be all together in your go-to kit. If a fire were to occur prior to your switchboard repair, you’ll have them with you. Scanned copies of these documents, for inclusion in your kit as well, can be saved to a USB memory stick or a CD. These items should be packed in sealed plastic bags.

– Insurance documents for life cover, house, contents, cars and valuable items
– Inventory of valuable household goods
– House deeds and mortgage documents
– Birth and marriage certificates
– Passports (or visa)
– Wills
– Bank account and credit card details, stocks, bonds
– Medicare, pension cards
– Immunisation records
– Back-up copies of critical computer files


A copy of your Household Emergency Plan completed with emergency contact phone numbers

You may not need everything in an Emergency Electrical Kit, thanks to SES efficiency, but being well prepared never hurt anyone.

Now there is a chance that the storm has made your switchboard collateral damage. It’s ok, it’s not the end of the world. Electric Express wastes no time when it comes to switchboard repairs.

If you need a switchboard upgrade, switchboard replacement, or switchboard repairs, we can oblige. And if necessary, our guys can do a no-fuss switchboard replacement.


Power restored, it might be a good time for a home electrical safety inspection. This will make sure your home’s wiring and switching is in healthy working order and give you peace of mind knowing your family is safer. Call us at Electric Express for any concerns you have regarding your switchboard after a large storm.