Lighting up your backyard is a fantastic way to get the most from your outdoor living spaces, especially during these warm summer months. As northern beaches electricians, we’ve helped hundreds of families enjoy their garden BBQs and dinner parties with effective, environmentally friendly LED garden lights. But, more than just making the space more functional, garden lighting is also very important for the security for your home.

LED Garden Lighting for better home security

If your backyard, driveway or garden is plunged into total darkness every evening, your home is a sitting duck for unwelcomed visitors. It can be especially dangerous over the holiday period, when we tend to be away for weeks at a time. Having an effective outdoor lighting system will act as a major deterrent for intruders, helping to protect your home and family.

At Electric Express, we’re huge fans of LED technology because it is much more energy efficient than our traditional light bulbs – take a look at our LED calculator to see just how much electricity you could save! Along with using less electricity to produce light, LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan which means you can rest assured your backyard will be protected for years to come. With today’s advanced LED outdoor lighting options, it’s easier than ever to create a secure outdoor lighting system that is effective and efficient – without breaking the bank.

Strategic lighting

When deciding on how to set up your LED outdoor lighting system, it is important to consider where the darker areas of your property are. Take a walk around your home during the evening to find the specific areas which will need illumination. Make sure that during this process you also consider lighting up areas of dense trees or shrubs, and parts of your property which would be an entry/exit point for someone such as gates, fences and driveways. You should also ensure the lights shine brightly on any places where a person could attempt to enter the house, like doors and windows.

Sensor lights

If you don’t like the idea of leaving your LED outdoor lights on all night, motion sensor LED lights are the perfect solution. This way, you’ll not only save on your electricity bill, but you’ll also have the added bonus of being able to startle any potential burglars who may be approaching your house. Having lights which come on when movement is sensed will alert you immediately if someone is in your backyard, and they are also really handy if you’re arriving home late at night – no more struggling in the dark with armloads of groceries!

If you’re concerned about neighbourhood pets accidentally triggering the sensors and keeping you up all night, you needn’t be – modern sensor technology means we can set the sensitivity for the detector to not be triggered by your dog or cat.

Timed lighting

Having your garden security lighting set to a timer is another great way to minimise your usage, and will be especially handy if you’re heading off on holiday. Simply set the timer so the lights come on between the hours you choose, and enjoy your time away – without worrying what you’ll be coming back to.


If you’re interested in garden light installation for the security of your home have a chat to Steve and the team at Electric Express today. As lighting experts, we can help you decide the best lighting installation plan for your garden lighting, and recommend the best fixtures and fittings to suit your needs,