There is an awesome campaign on Kickstarter for a product that will produce renewable energy for your home. It’s called the GEN and anybody in the world can support the campaign for as little as one dollar.


What’s it about?

The founder started building the GEN (Green Energy Naturally) two years ago in his garage in order to save his family money from rising electricity costs.The GEN combines wind and solar technology into one compact unit.Its fits comfortably on your roof and can produce up to 70% of the electricity you need for your home.


Watch the video

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the video. The short clip gives a good run down on how it works – even for those who aren’t electrical engineers.


GEN cuts your power bills

For many of us, wind power and solar panels are not a safe financial investment since a lot of residential areas won’t allow wind mills and solar power can be incredibly expensive to install. So the GEN combines both of these energy generation methods into one unit.



(Keep in mind GEN is being developed in the US so the founder uses US dollars)


Who can donate?

The great thing about Kickstarter is that anybody in the world can back the project for as little as one dollar (US) and supporters get a bunch of perks depending on how much you donate.

Projects like this are especially cool because everyday people like you and me get the chance to create useful products that offer a cheaper alternative to the expensive solutions big energy companies sell.

Have you donated to this project? Are you thinking about it? Let us know what you think of the GEN!