Slow cookers are a great choice for cooking for a number of reasons. They give you delicious food and are very economical in terms of budget ingredients. They also give you more time to spend with your family and that’s always a great thing. But they can also rack up the energy bill – especially over the winter when we use them most. Good news is there is now an alternative!


The newer, more sustainable slow cooker

It’s called the Wonderbag and  although it sounds like something you could purchase from Tupperware, it’s actually a great environmental and economical product. Not only does it reduce your energy consumption, it is actually a safer choice to have around your family. Plus, with every purchase of the Wonderbag, a family in need also receives a Wonderbag.


What is a Wonderbag?

The Wonderbag is a simple, but revolutionary, slow-cooker and it works on a very simple process – instead of using continuous electricity to simmer away your casserole, you instead pop your pot into a bag that continues to cook the food through heat-retention and insulation.

This means that once placed inside the bag, your food keeps on cooking without plugs, power or fuss. For all the busy parents out there, this is a huge piece of mind – now you can leave the house and not be worried about fire risk!


Benefitting those in need

So apart from the obvious energy bill and safety benefits of a product like the Wonderbag, you can also feel satisfied that you’re helping a family in less fortunate circumstances because with every purchase of a Wonderbag, one is sent to a family in Africa. The slow-cooker was actually designed to help those with little access to electricity and power  since the Wonderbag is able to keep your food cooking and warm for up to 12 hours!


Creating a community

For those that like getting involved beyond the purchase of their new kitchen or homeware appliance, there is a growing online community for lovers of all things Wonderbag. The website alone features handy hints and tips as well as recipes specifically designed for your new slow-cooker. You can browse through them here.


Where can I buy one?

Like many new products, Australians can be a bit out of reach of most delivery services (since the slow-cooker is born in the US). However, the Wonderbag has been so popular all over the world that they are currently expanding in many countries, including Australia. So if you head over to the website, you can enter some basic details (name and email) and they will get in touch with you so that you can have a Wonderbag in your kitchen as soon as possible!


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