The end of daylight savings can be a great trigger to get some regular household maintenance done. Maybe in your home it’s time to clean out the gutters, do a yearly once over of the house or gurney the driveway. In our house, it’s the annual smoke alarm check to ensure we are well protected through the winter months!

It doesn’t take long to stay on top of your electrical due diligence as a homeowner, especially when the stakes are this high. To have the job done by a trusted local electrician for peace of mind, call Electric Express.


Minimise risk to your family with a smoke alarm


A working smoke alarm reduces the risk of fire to your family and serious damage to your home. It can seem annoying when you burn your toast or when you need to clean your oven and the smoke billows out as you pull out the chicken, but an active and alert smoke alarm is your best defense in a serious situation. Smoke alarms can sense smoke in the air long before a sleeping human being. We know that smoke alarms can act a domestic nuisance, but the benefits always far outweigh the inconvenience of losing your home, or worse – your life. Calling in a local electrician to have smoke alarms installed in high risk areas of your home is the first step to minimising risk.


It’s the law to have a working smoke alarm installed


It is compulsory that smoke alarms are installed in all houses and buildings where people sleep in Australia. The Department of Planning made the use of smoke alarms mandatory since 2006 for all new and existing occupancies. At least one smoke detector should be installed by a local electrician on each level of your home. Smoke alarms generally have a lifespan of up to 10 years. It’s important to check the date of manufacture as a guide to know the age of your current smoke alarm protection.

Smoke alarms can be purchased as either battery powered or hardwired. You can install a battery powered smoke alarm yourself, though for a hard wired smoke alarm, you will need the help of your local electrician. A hard wired smoke alarm is you best defence as they can’t run out of battery. Battery powered smoke alarms also run the risk of running out of battery with notifications that could go unnoticed.


Increased fire risk during winter months


The best reason to use the changing back of the clocks as the trigger to test your smoke alarms is the start of the winter weather. With the cooler months approaching, we are reaching for our heaters, electric blankets, and using our fireplaces and dryers more often to help us through. While these things make us far more comfortable through Sydney’s bitter winter, they increase the risk of fires in the home with 40% of house fire fatalities occurring in the winter months. Though a smoke alarm won’t prevent a fire from happening in your home, early notification is the key to getting your family out fast and the fire department there quickly to save your home and minimise damage to your property.


Having your smoke alarms tested prior to winter by a qualified local electrician can help you feel safe through the winter months knowing you are well equipped in the instance of a house fire. While testing your smoke alarm yourself can feel like the job is done, calling in a professional to complete a comprehensive check of your home can be the best defence against a house fire and keeping your family safe.