A lot goes into being a homeowner, and there are an endless number of ways that you can improve upon your home in order to make it more comfortable, valuable, or to help you save money on expenses such as utilities and repairs.

Steve has years of experience and has chosen to begin this blog to share his ideas and learnings to homeowners all over Sydney and Australia. For the latest and most trusted electrical hints and tips, please read on.

An electrician’s guide to energy efficiency

Australia is brimming with green energy opportunities that aren’t being used advantageously. Not only do these forms of renewable energy save consumers money but they are also a more environmentally friendly form of power. With rising electricity prices and increasing...

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Use lighting design to increase your property value

When we begin renovations, we start with big dreams, a general idea of what we want to achieve, and a budget. Whether you want to be hands on with your reno to save some money on labour, or hand it off to the professionals, you should put consideration into the not so...

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5 ways to avoid needing an emergency electrician

There are times when you could freak out and just say “this is clearly an emergency!”. Normally they apply to life and death scenarios but sometimes they can be things that lead to life and death, which if prevented are for the best. Enter the avoidance method! We...

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Building an Electrical Emergency Storm Kit

Australia is a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains… but when it rains it can bucket down. Trees may topple. Electricity lines can snap. Homes and businesses in our service area can be cut from the power grid and switchboards can die. If your home happens to be...

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Electric hot water repairs

Electric hot water repairs are often something we don’t see coming but when it does, we want it fixed straight away. You have a number of options other than replacing the whole unit so don’t spin out into stressful levels of panic just yet.

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Winter Fire Safety

Did you know that Winter is the worst time for home fires with more than 60% occurring in the cooler months between May and September? Fortunately there are a number of initiatives you can take to reduce the risk of fire in your home during winter.

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